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I can’t thank you enough

by Adam Zack — October 24, 2018

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It’s the little things that count.

We are all at least good, if not great customers to some business. Like the guy from Wisconsin who ate two Big Macs every day since 1972 and recently ate his 30,000th Big Mac. (Check it out None of us are probably to that level, but we are all good customers of some business. It could be a local restaurant, newspaper subscription, gas station or your local grocery store. I’m always a little impressed when I call American Express and they thank me for my years of being a loyal card member. Or when Southwest Airlines sends me some drink coupons on the anniversary of joining Rapid Rewards. Or when the owner of the restaurant that we have gone to regularly for years comps us a drink or dessert. It makes you feel special and appreciated. And it keeps you going back. Some tangible form of thank you cements loyalty. Especially at this time of the year with the holidays coming on. Do you know who your top five customers are? Do you know who is your very best customer? It’s hard for owners and upper management to know just who their best customers are. They come in at times when you may not be there. They are happy, so you don’t hear much from them. Especially if you don’t have a loyalty card system in place, you really have no idea who is spending thousands of dollars and helping pay your kids’ college tuition, do you? Well, I have an answer for you. You do have a way of knowing. It’s your cashiers and service department employees who are on the front lines every day. All you have to do is ask them to page you the next time one of your regular, happy, customers come in. And you just have to get out of that office chair and go on down and thank them for their support. Maybe give them some flowers or a signature item. Chances are you’ve seen them in the store anyway and just hadn’t realized. You’ll blow them away. And here’s one more idea for you guys with loyalty programs: Find out your top 100 spending and frequency customers and send them a holiday gift. Some Christmas cookies or a poinsettia. Something that will differentiate you from all of the other places that they are also a good customer. It is the little things that count when you add them up over time. Just like that first Big Mac.

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