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Food, you look SO good!

by Adam Zack — January 9, 2019

Food is entertainment!

The way a lot of people get their thrills has changed so much over the past decade. Make that several decades. I remember being a really little kid – maybe 7 years old – and played at my best friend Scott’s house every day after school. We’d played with Hot Wheels and made forts and tormented his bratty sister. One day we came across his dad’s stash of Playboy magazines. Holy guacamole! I’d never seen anything like that! They were interesting (not the articles) and exciting. When my mom and step-dad got married I was looking around for something one day and I came across one of his Playboy magazines. Oooh la la. Right there in the night stand. I just figured that all men liked the magazine for both the sweet honeys and the articles. I never gave it much more thought until last week when I heard someone talking about food porn. Man, I thought, I am definitely addicted to food porn. And I’m a very discerning, but quick to criticize food pornagrapher.

A picture of butternut squash stuffing on a bed of lentils? Dog food. Looks terrible. Get the lighting right, and for God’s sake man, show me love! The money shot for great food makes you salivate for a taste. It makes you say “Oh man! That looks SO GOOD! It makes you show your phone to whoever is right there and say “Look at this! We gotta go there and get that!” Food is not just our sustenance anymore, it’s our entertainment. We watch Guy Fieri show us things that make us gain weight just by imagining eating the whole thing, and oh, it’s so worth it. In our stores we have dozens of food specialties that need to get out the foodophiles in our area. We need to be the director and photographer of high class food porn. We need to share it and encourage our customers to share it. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, and no, I don’t mind if you show all your friends.

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