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Technology vs Customer Interaction and Experience

by DW Green — February 5, 2019

Intuition is the highest form of intelligence.

A client and friend of mine sent me this article last week. He said, “I found this article interesting and supportive of customer relationships. A good blog topic — technology vs customer interaction and experience.” I agree.

PCC Removes All Self-Checkout Lanes

In Seattle, KIRO-TV News reports that cooperative PCC Community Markets is removing all self-checkout lanes from its stores.

The company says that it stopped putting self-checkout in new stores three years ago. 

Heather Snavely, VP of marketing at PCC, says that the company looked “at the relationship our shoppers have with our cashiers and our staff. And what we realized was a kiosk doesn’t create community or connections. So we wanted to take those out so that when someone comes into our stores, they have a human connection with someone and an interaction that will make the experience more special.”

Snavely also says that “removing the self-checkout machines won’t create any new jobs, they’ll just shuffle existing employees around. They’ll also build new express checkout lanes to replace the kiosks and keep the lines moving.”

The story notes that at this point in time, PCC’s move could be seen as counter-intuitive, since Amazon has been making news with its checkout-free Amazon Go stores, with other chains also seeking ways to streamline and/or eliminate the checkout process.

In my view, PCC is an excellent retailer. Very successful. And I personally agree with their marketing position regarding self-checkout. What I found odd was the article’s suggestion that PCC’s decision was counter-intuitive. Counter-intuitive to Amazon’s strategy, buy wholly consistent with PCC’s retail experience.

Intuition is a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. Intuition involves trusting the collection of all your subconscious experiences. It draws on everything you’ve experienced for all the years you’ve been alive, which means it’s constantly growing and evolving. Intuition bypasses the linear thought and inference process of the mind to directly perceive or cognize a truth or insight. Rather than cobbling together different thoughts, ideas, and perceptions to reach a conclusion, intuition is a direct download of the final answer minus all the mental busywork. It has been said the “Intuition is the highest form of intelligence, transcending all individual abilities and skills.” Learn to trust your instinct. Trust the guidance. Know that you’re plugged into the cosmic mind and it has a holistic knowledge base that goes beyond linear cause and effect logic.

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One response to “Intuition
Technology vs Customer Interaction and Experience”

  1. James Bailey says:


    I just love this: “Intuition is a direct download of the final answer minus all the mental busywork.”

    It might not even be the answer all the busy work would come up with, which makes it even better when you add a big dose of faith.

    Thank you for your profound insights 🙂


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