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by Adam Zack — March 27, 2019

Adam Zack

Lazy Adam over and out.

Lazy Susan: A turntable (rotating tray) placed on a table or countertop to aid in distributing food.

I smirk every time I see a Lazy Susan in action. I can just see some dad at the dinner table asking his weak armed fat daughter Susan to pass the gravy. Pass the potatoes. Pass the carrots. Sick of passing food, one night she’s doodling in her room and playing with her marbles and a Frisbee, and shazam! she gets the idea for the first Lazy Susan. (Although she thinks of it as a food distribution platter.) She’s a smart girl and puts one together in woodshop out of a wooden top from a whiskey barrel and some ball bearings. She puts it on the dining room table discreetly and that night when Pa asks for her to pass the gosh darn yams, with a flick of the wrist she spins the food distribution platter and bam! yams are in front of Pa. No more tired weak arms for Susan. When kin comes as dinner guests they ask just what this new device is, and Pa explains that Susan is just too lazy to pass food around and came up with it as a way to save work. The Lazy Susan was born. A few years later, she’s shed that baby fat and joined the crew team, developing some impressive arm strength. However, her invention has proved to be very popular, especially in Asia. I wonder how she felt having such a derogatory name for such a brilliant invention? I think we all get lazy at times, and that laziness usually turns into just not doing the things we are too lazy to do, even though they, at one point, were an important part of our road to success. So next time you feel lazy and just don’t want to do something because “It’s booorrring!” or “It makes my arms tired!” think of Susan and how she turned that feeling into a smart, fast and easy way to distribute food to Pa. Lazy Adam over and out.

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