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by Adam Zack — October 9, 2019

Adam Zack

Very few of us just did it on our own.

I was talking with a friend yesterday who is in the wine business. Actually, I was tasting some of the wines he sells. And it was before noon. Somebody has to do the hard work. Anyway, I asked him what trends he sees in his business as a wine broker. He talked about the pressures on restaurants and retailers to lower food and beverage cost to make up for the increase in minimum wage here in San Diego. He lamented how it’s tougher and tougher with added pressure to get high quality wines to diners at an affordable price. He went on to tell me of people in the industry he has worked with over the last 25 years and really supported. Company parties at their restaurants, consistently patronizing their business, sponsoring many individuals in their wine education.

He had many mutually beneficial long-term business relationships. He mentioned that today, as time has gone on, many of the people forget those past relationships. Memories fade, management changes and some people just seem to have forgotten how they have achieved a level of success with his help. It made me think long and hard about remembering to acknowledge the key figures that got you to your level of outstanding success. Mentors, managers, vendors, friends and family that were there for you. Who gave you that extra push and words of support. Who took them time to make sure you succeeded. Very few of us just did it on our own. And although every vendor/retailer relationship has a certain amount of quid-pro-quo, the real ones are genuine and no one keeps score. I’m talking loyalty and karma, and it reminded me that there’s some people I need to reach out to and thank and continue to support. Unless you’re a sprinter, we’re all in it for the long term, baby.

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