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by Adam Zack — November 20, 2019

Old brands that just didn’t take care of themselves.

There’s a few things that can kill your business overnight. Especially if you’re not a huge corporation. I’m not talking about a physical event like a fire. I’m talking about things you have control over and that the vast majority of independent retailers are diligent about. Overnight killers include food poisoning that emanates at your store. The community finding out you have rats in your storeroom. Or roaches in your kitchen. E-Coli that is traced to your meat department. In 1993 an E-Coli outbreak was traced to undercooked hamburgers at Jack In The Box. Four children under age 10 died from it. Many lawsuits resulted and the company, had they not been so large, most likely would have failed. Chipotle faced similar problems recently, having repeated incidents of food poisoning originating at their stores. Sudden death is almost always preventable. Diligence and care are pretty much all that is needed to keep your store healthy. The real killer of conventional retailers is more like a slow death. Like heart disease, you feel mostly fine. Maybe you get tired a little faster or sometimes don’t feel good, but hey, we’re all getting older, right? Stores like Sears, K-Mart and Dominick’s were old brands that just didn’t take care of themselves. Long life pretty much demands that you get regular checkups, invest in your healthcare be personally aware. There’s always that 90 year old geezer that says something like “I been smokin’ since I was 7 and I ain’t never been sick a day in my life!” There’s always exceptions. What’s all this death talk at Thanksgiving, Adam? Don’t be such a Debbie Downer. Be thankful your health and prosperity. You deserve it and your actions ensure it.

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