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How Can You Know if You’ve Never Been Tested?

by DW Green — April 1, 2020

Passing a trial by fire is empowering.

Most people who have gone through difficult periods in their life come to later wear those experiences as badges of honor. “Those were the days,” they might say, even though they live in much better circumstances. “To be young and hungry again,” another might say wistfully. “It was the best thing that ever happened to me,” or “I wouldn’t change a thing about it.” As tough as those periods were, they were ultimately formative experiences. They made those people who they are. And it’s happening to us all right now, with COVID-19.

There’s another benefit of so-called misfortune. Having experienced and survived it, we walk away with a better understanding of own capacity and inner strength. Passing a trial by fire is empowering because you know that in the future you can survive similar adversity. “What does not kill me makes me stronger,” Nietzsche said. Which is literary true today.

If things look like they might take a bad turn or your luck might change, why worry? This might be one of those formative experiences you will be grateful for later.

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