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by Adam Zack — May 20, 2020

Adam Zack

Leading by the way you live gives you credibility and integrity.

You lead by the way you live. I love that saying. It’s like the [true] cliche. “You can’t talk the talk if you don’t walk the walk.” As a leader, what you do matters and is closely watched and scrutinized by your peers, employees and associates. You can’t initiate a healthy lifestyle program for your company while you are supersizing your Big Mac combo and burning through a pack of cigarettes a day. Leading by the way you live gives you credibility and integrity. And integrity is inspiring and contagious. We have to apply that integrity to the companies we do business with as well. Business relationships that don’t at least partially align with your core values need to be examined closely. After all, you are partners, and good partners always have an interest in each other’s success. It should always be a matter of pride that you do business with suppliers and firms that make you successful. You should be able to brag about it. The day that you would rather not disclose a business relationship for fear that your customers would [correctly] not approve is the day you need to find a new partner.

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2 responses to “Who Matters”

  1. James Bailey says:

    Adam, I’m a close friend of DW’s and feel that I know you some through him. I enjoy your writing and find it a big contribution to me. So thank you.

    Your post today reminds me of my favorite pearl of wisdom, “The life you live is the lesson you teach.” It is always true, but especially true if you have kids.

    Take care, James

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