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Funny True Stories, Part 2

by Adam Zack — June 11, 2020

Adam Zack

He may have been the baby, but he wasn’t dumb…

So I’m just like you – tired of the pandemic. It’s hard to get inspired to write something grocery applicable and mildly entertaining when all I see and hear is covid-19 and protest related. So I was talking to one of my employees, asking for blog ideas, and he said “Tell one of your stories. I love those.” So I started thinking about the other story that always makes me laugh (Besides the “Mine’s cute, your is kind of fat. She’s not that fat.” story) Growing up with two brothers, there were plenty of jokes played on each other. Matt was the baby, almost 5 years younger than me and Mike, who were just a year apart. He was the “parents’ favorite”. I have always detested brussels sprouts (that smell, how can anyone get past that?) but our parents didn’t, so they were made fairly regularly.

At Christmas time, my mom made homemade cookies every year, and her pecan puffs (round, flaky cookie dough with chopped pecans, rolled in powdered sugar) are still the favorite. So Mike and I, bored one afternoon near Christmas, decided to play a joke on Matt and turn one of those leftover brussels sprouts into a faux pecan puff. We rolled it in the powdered sugar over and over until it resembled a pecan puff, then set the stage by putting some real pecan puffs and other cookies on a plate and sat down to watch some TV and wait for Matt to enter the scene. He sat down, Mike and I each took a real puff and ate it. Matt grabbed the brussels-puff, and at the instant he was about to pop it in his mouth, we lost our composure and started laughing. He may have been the baby, but he wasn’t dumb, and upon further inspection and squeezing, discovered our ruse. So the funniest joke ever was foiled at the last second, although I still smile thinking about him picking it up and moving towards his mouth and the hilarity that would have ensued if we had been able to keep a straight face.

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