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Believe And Trust

by Adam Zack — July 8, 2020

Adam Zack

Faith in business dealings is incredibly important

It’s never wrong to do the right thing. Never. You treat people right, with respect, with a caring spirit and good things come your way. My simple definition of karma: What goes around, comes around. I’m not talking that you’ll win the lottery. Or that you’ll always be happy. Or that your life will be problem free. No, faith in doing the right thing means that you don’t have to worry about lies being uncovered. It means that your regrets will be fewer. It means you’ll have a clean conscience. It means that the gossipers have nothing on you. It means that you smile more. Really.

Faith in business dealings is incredibly important. It’s not just about maximizing profits, reducing costs and beating the competition. Faith in business is trusting that your clients, vendors and customers share a common belief that when you all do the right thing, success will follow. It results in long term relationships that evolve into mutually caring bonds. And when you care, work becomes less of a job and more of a passion.

Especially in times of social uncertainty, your business faith will be tested. Pessimism can yank you by the hair and try to snap your head back. You will question and second guess your decisions. But you did the right thing. You made good, honest decisions, no matter how painful. You made mistakes, but those were honest and made your next choices better. The result is long term success. Right?

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