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Thank you not thanks.

by Adam Zack — August 5, 2020

Adam Zack

Sincerely thank your customers.

Thanks for the support and wonderful feedback from last week’s blog about my buddy Scott who has liver disease. The feedback and, well just the process of putting his difficult journey in writing helped shake him and all (well most, some are still mysteriously silent) of his friends and family into action. A fundraiser was started to help defray his medical costs and the support has brought this gentle giant to tears and humility. While he has lost over 130 lbs, this is not the way you want to lose weight. No one’s thinking “Hey, liver disease is a great way to shed 40% of my body weight! Look at my before and after photos!” We were talking about the importance of thanking everyone who has been so supportive, and the sincerity of the thank you came up. It’s easy to craft a well written thank you to respond to people – some of them total strangers – who willingly give you their hard earned money (especially in these times) and send the same message to everyone. Scott’s words to me: “I started doing thank you notes and I’m trying to make each word personal and not a generic thank you.” That hit me. Not make each note personal, but each word. It really was a reminder from a past blog that I wrote in 2015 about how important it is to sincerely thank your customers. Your appreciation – from simple words and eye contact to a small thank you gift – a bouquet of flowers, a new snack item, a beverage, something you know is in their dietary universe – cements loyalty like nothing else can. Your key employees need to be empowered to convey your appreciation to your best customers. They know who the best customers are – probably much better than you do.

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