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Smart does not equal wise

by Adam Zack — September 29, 2020

Adam Zack

The truly smart leader asks for help all the time.

Some of the smartest guys I’ve ever met are the dumbest. I know that like an oxymoron. Or just a statement from a moron. I’ve known people who can solve complex mathematical problems that stagger my mind but couldn’t microwave a potato for dinner to save their lives. I’ve known brilliant lawyers with knowledge of the law that they can recite at will. These same people make terrible life and business choices that leave them marginally successful at best. I’ve seen computer programmers that can build a network that is amazingly efficient, but when asked to apply it to our industry just flail wildly, leaving everyone to wonder if they have any intelligence at all. I am convinced that the smartest leaders are indeed not the smartest people. The smartest leaders surround themselves with the smartest people. Leaders get the credit for the work of the smart people that he surrounds himself with. But hey! That’s unfair! The smart ones make things happen, right? And he gets all the credit. Unfair! I think it’s just the opposite. Smart leadership takes wisdom, and wisdom is making the right choices, learning from mistakes and having the instincts to achieve your goals for success. Smart leadership has no ego, or at least an ego that sits in the way, way back. The true smart leader asks for help all the time. He realizes that time really is money and personal pride always takes a back seat to the success of the team. May you continue to make the smart choices and decisions. It’s what got you where you are today.

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One response to “Smart does not equal wise”

  1. LILA FULTON says:

    That’s right and may we have the courage to use the wisdom to make the right choices…ego has no viability where the choices we make have consequences that affect SO many others lives possibly negatively. Ego is a tiny word that can have HUGE negative consequences…

    THE END……..

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