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Expect To Change Your Opinions

by DW Green — February 10, 2021

Am I part of the problem here or the solution?

How often do we begin some project certain we know exactly how it will go? How often do we meet people and think we know exactly who and what they are? And how often are these assumptions proved to be completely and utterly wrong?

This is why we must fight our biases and preconceptions: because they are a liability. Ask yourself: What haven’t I considered? Why is this thing the way it is? Am I part of the problem here or the solution? Could I be wrong here? Be doubly careful to honor what you know, and then set that against the knowledge you actually have.

Remember, we’re not always as smart and wise as we’d like to think we are. If we ever do want to become wise, it comes from questioning and from humility—not, as may would like to think, from certainty, mistrust, and arrogance.

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