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Leave it a little better

by Adam Zack — February 24, 2021

It’s a long-term life philosophy.

I have a personal goal of leaving everything a little better than it was when I found it. It’s a long term life philosophy, and most definitely it doesn’t always happen. In fact, it happens a lot less than I’d like, but it’s an aspirational goal and in the busyness of everyday life, it often gets pushed to the back burner. Recently, because one of his roommates tested positive for Covid, my nephew stayed with us for about 10 days (after he tested negative, of course). What amazed us was how he left everything he touched perfectly clean and organized. Bed made perfectly every day. No spit marks on the sink. Coffee press cleaned and put away. Cleaned up the dinner mess after family dinners. Dishes washed and dried and put in their place. Engaged in conversation and expressed appreciation. I think he even waited until he was outside to fart. He didn’t even drink our beer or wine, and on his last night he brought us a bottle of very nice Bourbon. Highly unusual for most 24 year olds. It was like having a dream houseguest. It made me think about leaving everything better than when you first touched it. It makes an impression that is lasting and impactful. As we interact in our daily lives, keeping in mind that every conversation, kind word and use of things gives us the opportunity to leave a positive mark.

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2 responses to “Leave it a little better”

  1. James Bailey says:

    Hi Adam, Thank you for the great perspective and for sharing it with the world. I can improve in this area and I’m also going to share your piece with my ten year old twin daughters.
    Thank you again, James

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