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Do Unto Others

by Adam Zack — March 10, 2021

We all have a basic human need to feel appreciated.

All healthy relationships must be reciprocal. Sometimes I feel really petty thinking that. Good people do nice things for their family and friends because they want to. Because they love them. And because it makes you feel good to do something you know the other person will appreciate. You’re not doing it because you have a need to be thanked or a motive that if you do something for someone you care about, they will reciprocate with something nice that you will in turn appreciate. You do nice things because you’re nice, and generous. But still, after always being the one to invite friends for dinner, or acknowledge birthdays with cards and gifts, or have a guest visit for a weekend and treat them to every meal and activity, the lack of some kind of reciprocity at some point can get under your skin a little. It doesn’t make you a bad person or less generous, but we all have a basic human need to feel appreciated. Our customer relationships are a good example of reciprocal relationships. They patronize our stores. We give them food and great service, and they give us money and sincere thanks. When that reciprocal relationship gets too one sided – bad food, lousy service, too high prices, the relationship shifts and someone else gets the chance to reciprocate.

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One response to “Do Unto Others”

  1. LILA FULTON says:

    ….you are very insightful as always. I also think the same of employees. We hire them, train them, pay them w/ a check…but I think they also need our attention, compliments, and also a bit more than just business talk…”how’s your family?, How was your day off?” They almost always say thank you for the birthday cards we send them, that says we see you. I think we can do more than just ‘hire, train and pay…Yes there are a lot of them and we are few, but we can do more.

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