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Does The Boss Get A Pat On The Back?

by Adam Zack — March 3, 2021

A leader tells you how you’re doing.

My mom made a comment on a recent blog about how important it is to employees to be communicated with and shown appreciation for their work. She said:

“The same is true for management that are taken for granted. Just because you are management doesn’t mean you don’t need or want an “atta boy or girl”……….”

I thought it was an excellent point. The further up the management ladder you climb, the fewer people there are above you to give you the positive affirmation that you need. It’s more important and relevant than ever for the company president or owner to express appreciation and give those attaboys to upper management. It can’t just be assumed that because they make more money and have more prestigious and important positions in the company that they don’t need that positive interaction with the leader. A boss tells you what to do. A leader tells you how you’re doing.

And what about “attaboys” for the owner of the company? Who tells DW he’s doing a great job? Ownership affirmation comes full circle and gratification comes from those employees who are happy at work and love working for the company. The ultimate thank you to ownership is that entry level employee who treats every duty as if he owned the company.

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