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by DW Green — May 18, 2021

“Stepping up and helping is a service that leaders provide to the world.”

Have you ever heard someone else repeat one of your ideas as though it was their own? Did you ever notice a younger sibling or relative mimic your behavior, perhaps the way you dress or the music you listen to? Maybe you moved into a new neighborhood and a bunch of hipsters followed. When we are young and inexperienced, we can react negatively to these situations. Stop copying me! I was here first!

As we mature, we start to see them in a different light. We understand that stepping up and helping is a service that leaders provide to the world. It’s our duty to do this—in big situations and small ones. If we expect to be leaders, we must see that thankless service comes with the job. We must do what leaders do—not for the credit, not for the thanks, not for the recognition. It’s our duty.

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