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Practice Preparation

by Adam Zack — May 25, 2021

“People are raring to go and experience tastes and food excitement.”

I’ve never given a lot of thought to the church choir. Or any music at church. They get up there, sing or play, and then move offstage. No one claps or yells appreciation. There’s no standing ovation or encore. The sermon resumes and everyone goes about the rest of their Sunday business. What I didn’t give any appreciation to was that those church musicians actually have to practice. They practice a lot. The commitment to do something they love for a religion that they are committed to says something very strong about the character church musicians and singers possess. Face it, no one is singing in the church choir to land a record deal or to even score big tips when the guitar case is passed around. And the hours and hours that they practice and prepare are mostly taken for granted by the congregation. It reminded me that to be successful grocers and business people, we need to practice and prepare to really shine. As we emerge from the pandemic, promotions and store events are going to differentiate you from the chains. People are raring to go and experience tastes and food excitement. We have to practice and prepare to nail it. Nail it, and they keep coming back, just like church every Sunday.

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