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Do the best most

by Adam Zack — June 9, 2021

“Not the best, mind you, the most.”

I was in Oklahoma this past weekend and was struck by the genuine kindness and caring that Oklahomans show to each other and visitors alike. It seemed like such a contrast to the “Me First” way that I typically see here in California. A guy in line for the men’s bathroom just in front of me at the Women’s College World Series game was asked by a guy behind me “Are any stalls open?” The guy in front of me said “Yes, one, but I’m leaving it just in case someone runs in with an ‘emergency.’” Wait, what?? Patiently waiting to use the bathroom and being considerate of others? On a bike tour of the city, our guide, a native of the city, explained that Oklahomans always try to do the most with what they have. Through the Dustbowl time, economic busts, adversity, and even the horrific bombing of the Murrah Federal building in 1995, the general philosophy is to do the most. Not the best, mind you, the most.  Instead of what we typically think “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” they take it one step further and quench the thirst of as many people as they can with that lemonade. It was humbling and inspiring and truly made me think how much what we say and do is observed by others and influences their real perceptions of us. 

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One response to “Do the best most”

  1. LILA FULTON says:

    Combining what you and DW wrote, my work philosophy as I train new people and as we gear them up for the holiday crunch:

    We aren’t looking for perfection, we choose
    Kindness, patience, and eagerness to please w/ gratitude (aka humility) is more my thinking.

    I miss you here.

    xo ma

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