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I know, I know…..nothing!

by Adam Zack — June 16, 2021

“Every day presents many opportunities to teach and be taught.”

Amid the sea of “I know” conversation responses (I know! I know, right? Ya, ya, ya, I know.), the older I get, the more I realize how much I don’t know. My wife and I joke about how our response has gone from “I know” to “What do I know? Nothin’!” I have a new appreciation for just how much I can learn from others just by listening and observing. Every day presents many opportunities to teach and be taught, just by being aware of what’s going on around us. I find myself saying more frequently “I never knew that” about someone. By not paying attention and jumping straight to “I know” I bypassed actually knowing something. I am working towards being that old man who sits on the front porch and observes life around him. And I’ll be ready to impart what I’ve learned as the opportunity arises.  Not the grumpy old man type who yells at whoever gets in my way, but the cool old man that doesn’t complain about everything and who you share a cold beer with, asking to tell you some things he knows.  Like the time he accidently got kicked in the eye at a punk by a crowd surfing, Doc Marten wearing kid. Good times.

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