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Farts Are Still Funny

by Adam Zack — September 15, 2021

Keep your target in mind as you craft your message.

It’s been five years since I wrote this blog, but it still makes me laugh. And more than ever, we are all looking for something to make us laugh. And farts have always been and will always be funny.

This may or may not be a true story. And it may or may not have happened last Sunday. And I may or may not get killed by my wife for writing it.

There’s this couple that have been together for many, many years. Over the years the man has got more comfortable with bodily functions around the woman. Plus, as he gets older he has a little less control. So, on a semi-regular basis nature does its internal combustion work and sounds (and sometimes smells) are emitted. He is frequently reminded that they don’t smell like bon bons and roses or root beer. And most of the time they just occur. And we have no dog to blame it on. Whoops! She has been known to say “I can’t believe you just did that!” and “That sounded like it hurt!” or the standby “You better check your shorts.” The guy usually thinks they are kind of funny. No, really funny. After all, what guy doesn’t think the beans around the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles is hilarious? Who never played “Pull my finger!” with your grandpa? Because farts are funny! So last Sunday after a long day of watching football, the couple is sitting on the couch and the guy hears PHRRT! Having not heard the woman make that sound in 15 years, he says “Did you just fart?” She demurs a little (but does not flat out deny it) and he thinks it’s hilarious. Who knew girls farted, or at least that they made a noise when they did!?

So, this obviously has nothing to do with food or groceries, but it does have something to do with marketing. There are distinct differences between what appeals to men and women. Most grocery advertising appeals equally to both men and women, but depending on what item you are trying to sell you should really look close at how you are delivering your message. Men in marketing naturally think of ideas that appeal to them. And being men, they think that their way is right. Or better yet, they don’t think beyond what they think is right. Why should we? After all, we’re right! And women in advertising and marketing do the same. They create and deliver in ways that appeal to them. It’s only natural. The challenge is continue to keep your target in mind as you craft your message. It’s not just “Does this ad make me want to buy this product?”, it’s “Does this ad make my wife (or husband) want to buy it?”

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