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by Adam Zack — September 22, 2021


Could you do this job or task if your life depended on it?

I have been having weekly leadership meetings with a Leadership Coach to be a better team leader – (No, you’re never too old to learn). The Coach is a customer and has worked with one of the finest grocery organizations in the country in terms of team culture. Yesterday, the subject of training came up and I realized that the grocery industry, with some exceptions of course, is notoriously horrible at a thorough training program. Especially in today’s market where finding employees is very challenging, the old way of just throwing them in the job and letting them figure it out has become more commonplace. It’s kind of the “any warm body is better than nobody” approach. So when John, the coach, posed the question of asking employees “Could you do this job or task if your life depended on it?” It made me realize that many, if not most, new grocery employees (say in their first 6 months of employment) would probably say no. I mean, those are pretty high stakes – your life or knowing produce codes. Death or knowing how to properly slice prosciutto. The electric chair or telling a customer the proper way to broil salmon. Of course it’s never going to come to that, but if management and the training partners look at training as if I don’t train them properly and thoroughly, their life could be on the line. Nobody wants that blood on their hands!

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