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by Adam Zack — March 16, 2022


Is your advertising distinctive or does it look and sound like any other vanilla market that’s out there?


Is there a more irritating and abrasive jingle on the radio. It gets into your head, and for me at least, activates my reflex to immediately change the radio station. I remember being in another city across the country in a rental car and on came the jingle.. 1-877-CARS-4… Aaagh! It’s not just in Southern California! I don’t know anyone who likes it or has donated their car because of it, but I sure do know a lot of people who can remember the number because of that stupid radio ad. Various versions of the ad have been on for nearly 20 years. As much as it makes most of us want to punch the radio, they must be effective. Radio airtime is not cheap, and it’s got to be paid by these donated cars. So who donates their car? And how does that come up? I imagine something like “Grandpa died and his piece of crap old car is in the garage and won’t start. How do we get rid of it? Who should we call? [Thought bubble pops up] 1-877-kars….” So the point is, is your marketing memorable? Is it effective? Is it distinctive or does it look and sound like any other vanilla market that’s out there. It takes real creativity to stand out and if your brand can roll off people’s tongues like the Kars-4-kids ad, that’s good. As long as it’s a good thought and not a radio smasher thought.

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