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Pure Joy

by Adam Zack — April 27, 2022

“These employees are really having a good time.”

As a parent one of the greatest, purest joys of parenthood is the sound of your kids having so much fun as they play that the sounds that they emit are uncontrollable laughter. Their smiles are ear to ear and contagious, and the innocence of their fun makes you want to be a kid again. It’s tremendously satisfying to observe kids of all ages be blissfully happy. Then we grow up and there’s this thing called work that happens and the belly laughs and unabashed joy seem most of the time like distant memories. Bosses get serious and production is much more important than having fun. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of being the boss that shushes employees that appear to be goofing around or being a little bit too boisterous, think back on the joy you felt when your kids were so happy they’d pee their pants rather than come in and miss out on the fun. Creating a culture at the workplace where everything, all the time, is not hush hush, strictly professional, don’t disturb the customers is a great feat. Instead of focusing on keeping it all buttoned down, think how your customers must feel shopping in a store where the employees can joke and laugh and actually seem to enjoy their job. They’re thinking “These employees are really having a good time. This must be a great place to work.” And you know what, they are right. So loosen the dog collar just a little and let’s go have some fun.

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