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Above Average

by Adam Zack — May 4, 2022

Adam Zack

“It takes so little effort to be above average.”

My mom was in town visiting last night and we were all sitting at the dinner table eating and we got to talking about employees, and just how hard it has been lately to really find good help. She said something very insightful. “It takes so little effort to be above average.” Wow, that really made a lot of sense. I got thinking that “average” is smack dab in the middle. Not horrible, not exceptional, just middle of the road, solid C material. So often we think about wanting to be great, and to develop greatness that we lose track that even a small step toward bettering ourselves, or bettering our employees elevates us to being above average. It is easily achievable and when just a small effort is made by management to improve the entire staff of average employees to being above average, you are now better than your competitors. The idea can even be applied to below average AND above average people improving a level. It’s not hard, and it’s not a major undertaking. Think of one thing you can do, and do it. Turns out that there is a book by Florence Littauer written nearly 40 years ago called “It Takes So Little to be Above Average.” Sounds like a quick read. I ordered it just now and just by doing that I feel like I took one more step away from average.

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One response to “Above Average”

  1. Lila Fulton says:

    You are always above average!

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