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Commencement Address

by DW Green — June 15, 2022

Learn the ways and means of the ancient yogi masters, pied pipers, cloud walkers and medicine men.

Recently a good friend, Don Gale, told a story about fiction writer Tom Robbins. Seems Don’s brother Tom gave Don a copy of Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get The Blues. My older brother also gave me a copy of Even Cowgirls Get The Blues. And probably near the same time! It’s a great book. I have read most of Tom Robbins books. I recommend them all!

Anyway, since May and June are graduation months, I thought it good to share a small portion of Tom Robbins Commencement address with you. I like Mr. Robbins perspective and sense of humor.

This commencement address was delivered Friday, June 7, 1974 in Oak Harbor Washington.

“So be your own authority, lead yourselves. Learn the ways and means of the ancient yogi masters, pied pipers, cloud walkers and medicine men. Get in harmony with nature. Listen to the loony rhythms of your blood. Look for beauty and poetry in everything in life. Let there be no moon that does not know you, no spring that does not lick you with its tongues. Refuse to play it safe, for it is from the wavering edge of risk that the sweetest honey of freedom drips and drips. Live dangerously, live lovingly. Believe in magic. Nourish your imagination. Use your head, even if it means going out of your mind. Learn, like the lemon and the tomato learned, the laws of the sun. Become aware, like the jungle became aware, of your own perfume. Remember that life is much too serious to take seriously – so never forget how to play. Looking at you tonight, I know you are going to do just fine.”

Today, Robbins lives in La Conner Washington and is nearing 90 years old.

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