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How Important Is Your Phone?

by Adam Zack — July 6, 2022


“It’s an important tool, but is it more important that the person you are talking to?”

My wife shared with me a really cool and eye-opening short video last week. It’s only about 30 seconds long, so it won’t take much of your time. 

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I don’t even know who the speaker is, but he made an impact on me. Like most of us, I rely on my phone not just for phone calls, but for texts, news updates, social media, email, looking up information and more. It’s an important tool, but is it more important that the person you are talking to? The person you want and need to be present for? Just by holding it in your hand while you’re talking to someone else instead of putting it in your pocket conveys the message that something more important could come along at any minute. He demonstrates holding a phone while talking and then doing the exact same thing with the phone put away. We take it to dinner and set it on the table (sometimes upside down, wooo, how polite). And maybe we even decline a call, or don’t answer a text while we’re with someone else. Like the speaker says, “Whoa, how magnanimous!”. So I’m going to take this as a real lesson. Unless there is a pending emergency that I must be on standby for, I’m putting this iPhone away when I’m talking to you. Because you are more important to me than a piece of technology.

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