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The Compliment

by Adam Zack — September 28, 2022


You’ll feel as good as it makes them feel.

Have you ever given someone a compliment, expressed love, verbalized appreciation or made another very positive comment to someone and they respond by looking at you funny, almost like you are speaking a foreign language, and they say something like “What? Are you drunk?” I was thinking about that the other day – not while drunk – and realized that when someone expresses disbelief or shock after you say something positive to them that it really means that you are not expressing enough how much you appreciate and love them. They may respond similarly with “OK, what do you want?”, viewing the compliment as a prelude to you asking for a favor. It’s the same thing, some people really only do say something nice when they want a favor. I put them squarely in the same camp as those people who never say anything positive. Their words are self-centered and the only “good” they see is what they have done. Sometimes it takes something jarring – like leaving your employment or breaking up with you – for you to say something complimentary. But then it’s too little, too late. Go out today and tell someone you love how much you love and appreciate them and why. It will make you feel as good as it makes them feel. And don’t be drunk when you do it.

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