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The Vision, the Mission

by Adam Zack — September 21, 2022


“Remember why I got in the business”

I think a lot of people lose their focus on what their mission in life and in business is. I see plenty of homeless or just plain crazy people who are talking – or shouting – to themselves (or to some unseen entity who only they see) who have obviously lost any idea of what their mission in life once was, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Can you remember what your vision was when you started your business? Did you have a vision statement? How about your mission statement? Most likely it’s something that was intentional and thought out. It was developed and nuanced by a group of people that truly cared about creating a vision and mission for their business and did a great job of truly living by it. But time goes by fast, employees change jobs, retire and before you know it, the only one that knows the Mission statement is the dusty frame that displays it in some office or hallway or alcove. I know that’s been the case with me, so I’ve rededicated the efforts to revisit my vision, update it, share it and live it. Remember why we got in the business, when we were young and had the enthusiasm to conquer the world.

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