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by Adam Zack — October 26, 2022


Signs tell your story, and your story is definitely worth telling.

DW emailed me an article in Supermarket News this week that brought up how important signage is in the seafood department. You can read it here. SN Seafood Sign Article

“Retailers need to communicate and validate the message of freshness at the seafood case,” Jim Wisner, President of Wisner Marketing, an Illinois based retail marketing company, said. For me, smell is the most important thing in any seafood department. If it stinks like fish, then you’re going to lose customers right away, regardless of of the sign. Customers today, more than ever, want to know how fish is raised, where it’s from, what the texture is like, how to cook it and more. That’s a lot to get on a sign, though. Creative signage will have a great balance of information and price. Ideally, the employee behind the seafood counter is knowledgeable and can offer advice. Now proper signage doesn’t just apply to seafood, of course. The importance of communicating the product’s message – is it a great price? Does it offer unique health attributes? Is it local and special? It’s easy to assume that the customer will know the answers. They don’t. As important as good signage is, bad signage can make you look like an idiot. Misspellings, improper descriptions, bad placement and judgment can make your store look like you are just not on top of your game. Here’s some examples I found.

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