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Teacher And Student

by DW Green — November 2, 2022

In essence, we’re both student and teacher.

As Adam says Being a mentor to someone who’s a freshman in life is one way that you can make your workplace a great place to work, and shop.” Being a mentor to anyone, regardless of his or her age, status, or station in life is a good thing. I have been blessed with many amazing mentors in my life, beginning with my parents.  And I’ve learned from younger generations too. As mentor’s we are teachers, sharing our wisdom and experience.

It’s been said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. In essence, we’re both student and teacher. As students we can improve our awareness of restrictive thinking and seek to be ready for own teachers to appear. As effective teachers we make our impact by understanding the needs of the student. We light the way and ease the way—we facilitate learning—but the student has to walk the path.

Mentoring builds powerful relationships that can last a lifetime. Success in any venture is simply the automatic consequence of being the best that one can be as a lifestyle, without looking for gain.

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