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Instant Gratification?

by Adam Zack — January 18, 2023

“You may have the best butcher in town but one disappointment raises an eyebrow.”

It’s all about instant gratification, right? To quote the Ramones “We want the world, and we want it now.” Businesses and employees alike are under the constant pressure to please now. Right now. Much more frequently what you did last year, last month, last week and even yesterday is forgotten. As a business, we have invested thousands of hours and many years working on the little things that we hope will build a foundation of loyalty with our customers. But with the barrage of alluring messages from competitors, our years of effort depreciate pretty fast. Without constant reinforcement, reminders and exceptional service our customers’ memory becomes fuzzy and fades to black quicker than ever. You may have the best butcher in town but one disappointment raises an eyebrow. The second casts serious doubts and anything after that you have lost that customer no matter how long you have served the family. Employees seem to have an even shorter leash. For years they have given 100%, sparked innovation and ideas, helped with the evolution of your store and made substantial contributions to sales and profits. But due to the increasing pressure on financials, those years of effort are more overlooked than ever and are often conveniently forgotten. It can be as simple as having a bad day or a mistake that gets noticed by upper management and all of a sudden all those years of extra effort goes right into the crapper. So as management and ownership, let’s take a minute to look at our long term employees and think back to what they have given of themselves over the years and how much their dedication and loyalty have contributed to our success. Let them know how much you appreciate it and the instant gratification you give them will last for years.

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