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by Adam Zack — April 5, 2023

“But most of the time, we cruise through life being totally unremarkable.”

Remarkable: notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary. Worthy of notice or attention.

Name one person that you know is remarkable. You must know one that makes you think “Damn, that person is special.” Being remarkable is not easy. To a small minority, it comes naturally. But most have to work at it. It takes a commitment to excellence, determination, integrity and perseverance. Being unremarkable is easy. You just blend in. Last Sunday my wife and I were at this taco and beer restaurant. They were busy, and I had to wait in line to order. When the girl took my order and I paid, thanked her and she thanked me, I thought I bet even if I were to come back in half an hour she wouldn’t remember me. I was totally unremarkable from any other customer. Usually, at least when we get a paper check at a restaurant and it’s time to sign and leave a tip, we write Thank You!! on the bill to express our gratitude and make a small gesture to be remarkable. But most of the time, we cruise through life being totally unremarkable. I’ve had experiences in the past where I must have been somewhat remarkable to someone. They’ll come up and say “Hey Adam! Great to see you again!” I’ll get this quizzical look on my face as my brain shuffles through my memory deck, thinking “Who is this person and how do I know them?”. I guess our meeting was unremarkable for me, but it reminded me that to be remarkable, I need to do better to remember who I interact with to be remarkable.

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