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At Least I’m Consistent

by Adam Zack — July 12, 2023


Do you hear the phrase “hit and miss” when someone describes your perishable departments?

The word consistent usually brings to mind good thoughts. You naturally think being consistent is a positive trait. Our goal is to be consistent. A consistently good boss, partner, parent, friend. Consistency brings comfort and eliminates doubt. I think of Cal Ripken and his 2,632 consecutive Major League Baseball games played or Steve Nash with his over 90% NBA free throw accuracy. Consistency is a shoe-in. It’s associated with a winner. But what about consistently bad? This weekend my baby brother and his family were in town visiting and he did something – I’m not exactly sure what – maybe pouring me a shot of whiskey at 10:00 a.m. – something like that – and I told him “You’re a bad man!” (We consistently bust each others chops like that) and he said “Hey, at least I’m consistent!” Not that he’s a bad or evil person, not at all. It just made me think about how there are a lot of bad behaviors and performances that are consistently awful. The customer service experience at Walmart and Spirit Airlines comes to mind. Have you ever heard any good comment about either? Consistently you hear “I hate [insert consistently bad company name here]!” Take the time now to closely examine your customer’s business experience with your store. Are your mystery shopper scores consistently above 90%? Do you hear the phrase “hit and miss” when someone describes your perishable departments? Do your customers consistently favor some cashiers over the others because the friendliness they receive is radically different? Remember, if we keep on doing what we’re doing we’re going to keep on getting what we’re getting and if you’re not consistently meeting your high expectations, it’s time for a closer look.

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