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by DW Green — July 26, 2023

Brand marks are like punctuation symbols.

So Adam is talking about cool. Cool, as in the context of slang, as an interjection to express acceptance, approval or admiration. And what’s more cool—neat, nifty, boss, keen, groovy— than a brand mark or Icon. Brand marks are simple, clean, and an easy to remember graphic representation of a company’s Brand name. Brand marks are like punctuation symbols:

. stop

, pause

; pause longer

! exclamation mark

? question mark

Brand marks and icons can represent a deeper meaning of a company’s purpose or an abstract expression like the Nike swoosh. We have a Northwest client whose brand mark is a sailboat. Who would have thought of a sailboat icon for a food store? The sailboat is very meaningful to their company culture. It’s meaningful to me too. I’m proud to wear their caps and jackets that showcase their company icon.

The DW Green icon reflects our design mantra “Less is greater than more.”

So, if you’re considering a new or updated design for your company’s brand mark, give us a call.

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