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Respect & Integrity

by DW Green — September 13, 2023

Respect isn’t about agreement.

Respect is like integrity. Integrity is strong, “works,” and is constructive and successful, whereas its opposite fails. Integrity is therefore practical; its absence leads to weakness and collapse. The same is true with respect. It’s opposite fails and its absence leads to weakness and collapse.

Many times, respecting rivals or groups or individuals who hold a differing “truth” or “belief” is difficult. But respect isn’t about agreement. Respect is about acknowledging and honoring the other person(s) position, perspective, or point of view. Respect is about, as Bob LaBonne Jr. says, living by the Golden Rule. Treating others the way we want to be treated. 

One can choose to accept the situation as it is, attempt to change it, or leave it all together. But regardless of the choice, one should BE respectful and kind to the individual(s) involved.

Well, my “take” on respect anyway!

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