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Here lies weird

by Adam Zack — June 12, 2024

Weird is youthful energy…

Weird: of strange or extraordinary character : ODD, FANTASTIC

I love weird. Weird is unique, interesting, funny, quirky, different. I have two daughters that have pretty much called me weird from the time they could talk. I think it was in the top 10 first words. I’m sure that when I was feeding Holly as an infant, and gave the dog a taste of her baby food, then back to her, she was thinking “This is weird. Am I getting the dog’s food or is the dog getting my food?”

Being a weirdo is a badge of pride to me. I don’t want to be the boring old dad that just acts like every other dad. I don’t want to be the brother, son or husband that is predictable, with no spikes on the radar. Weird is fun, and I search out unique products that will leave an impression on people. The chain stores won’t do it. It’s a great opportunity for independent retailers to do something that will get people talking, taking photos and sharing with their friends. Weird is youthful energy that I want to maintain. Good weird isn’t creepy or gross. It may get some rolls of the eyes and Oh brothers, but it’s original. I’m already planning my headstone. Here Lies Adam Zack. Weird to the end.

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