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by Adam Zack — June 25, 2024

Summers become memories of “the good old days”.

I know I’m not the only one who has a major problem with the passage of time. I just looked at the calendar and realized that we are almost SEVEN months into 2024. That’s right. Summer’s here, fall’s around the corner, football season is just a couple months away, Holy guacamole! Former L.A. Times columnist Chris Erskine put the value of time in a unique perspective. He likened his life to how many summers he has left. The best time of the year (unless you live in Palm Springs. Or Phoenix) goes by so fast. BBQs, beach, no school, cold beers on warm days. Summer is just the best. And how many do you actually get? Maybe 80 or 90 total in your life. Only about 40 or 50 that you really can savor and enjoy. I figure I have maybe 15 – 20 great summers left. When I think of it that way it’s humbling and scary. Don’t have wasted days that you can never get back because of feuds or grudges. Make the most of all you have left, because before you know it the kids are off to college and summers spent together turn into a few days each summer together. Knees start to wear out, hips get broken and then boom, no more summers for you. Summers become memories of “the good old days”. Even though summer is my favorite, I need to look at each special event – birthdays, holidays, family gatherings – like they are endangered species. That perspective gives you a whole new appreciation of the word “appreciation.” Days are limited, you don’t get do-overs, so make the most of every one.

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