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Cookie Cutter

by Adam Zack — September 13, 2017

It’s not as good, but you save a few cents.

You’d think that anything that has to do with homemade cookies is good. Unless you’re on a diet, there’s not much better than fresh baked cookies (and an ice cold glass of milk). So in our love of cookies, we want to make them faster and faster because our friends and family all like them so much. So we buy a cookie cutter so that they all are the same shape and size, and pretty much we are pleasing the masses with our delicious cookies. Then Nabisco hears about our cookies and buys the recipe and now our cookies are everywhere! But now they’re not quite as special as they were. In a cost cutting move, Nabisco alters the recipe a little to eliminate the butter. And the chocolate isn’t Belgian anymore. Oh, and that fresh coconut? It’s freeze dried now. It’ll be easier to get back on that diet now, because the Cookie Cutter approach isn’t so special. In fact, the term cookie cutter is pretty negative. Cookie cutter houses? Cheap and definitely un-custom. As the need to differentiate from chain grocery stores becomes more and more important it’s vital to realize that the cookie cutter approach to marketing and merchandising is not what will set you apart. In fact, just the connotation that your ad or website is a template (industry lingo for cookie cutter) will not help drive sales. You buy cookie cutters so you can easily copy a cookie design. Pretty soon you buy the dough so you don’t have to spend the labor to make it from scratch. It’s not as good, but you save a few cents. It’s the same dough as some other stores use, so you’ve eliminated that point of differentiation. Pretty soon sales go on the slow decline, and in a couple years your signature cookie is not so special anymore. The cookie cutter breaks, so you just stop making them, and you know what? No one notices.

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