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Lucky, Blessed, a Miracle or It Doesn’t Matter?

by Adam Zack — July 25, 2018

Was I just lucky?

This. Is. A. True. Story.

I take the train from near my house to my office 4 or 5 days a week. It’s about an hour train ride each way, but compared to fighting San Diego traffic it’s proven to be a savior. I keep an old 1995 Nissan pickup at the destination train station to drive the 3 miles from the station to the office. I make it a terrible practice to really push the timing to the point that I am often actually running from the car to the train. And I hate running. It’s a bad habit and it’s stressful. I don’t know why I can’t break it. So a couple weeks ago on a Friday afternoon I was running late and threw my briefcase in the back of the truck and sped off towards the station. I got there just as the train was pulling up, locked the truck, grabbed my briefcase and ran for it. I made it with about 15 seconds to spare and was happy to be heading home for the weekend, the truck staying behind in Old Town San Diego until Monday morning. Around Sunday morning I asked my wife if she’d seen my wallet. Nope. I looked in my briefcase in the pocket I usually keep it. Nope. All through the briefcase. Nada. In the drawers and in the other car. No sign of it. Tracing my steps I was convinced that I had left it sitting on the truck seat, and I’d be returning Monday morning to a smashed window and a missing wallet. Old Town San Diego Transit Center is not in the best part of town. Arriving Monday morning I was relieved that the window wasn’t smashed, but after looking under the seats still couldn’t find my wallet. Crap, I have NEVER lost a wallet. I walked around to the driver’s side, glanced in the bed of the truck and I’ll be go-to-hell if there wasn’t my wallet. Right in the open in the truck bed. Mind you, the 1995 Nissan pickup is a low truck, with the top of the bed about 4 feet off the ground. Anyone can see into it. My $23 cash, credit cards and ID were all there. Intact. I call it the Transit Center Miracle. So I started thinking, was I just lucky? Was my provenance the result of good karma, always trying to be a good person? Was I blessed from above? Or was it just how fate had laid things out? I still don’t know, but it really made me think about how lucky I really am, in all ways. And it made me even happier that I didn’t have to got to the DMV and wait in line to get a new license.

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