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by DW Green — August 1, 2018

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Behind fixed ideas are hiding places…

Pairs of opposites such as good and evil, or life and death, are examples of mental dust catchers.

Any fixed idea that has not been moved around for a long time creates a place where illusion can breed. A fixed idea is like a stove, or a refrigerator, or a bookcase. Underneath and behind fixed ideas are hiding places that can collect all sorts of mental rubbish, or lint!

It’s good to look at and question your personal truths, beliefs and values. These are often learned when we are young. I read that the ego/mind presumes and is convinced that its perceptions and interpretations of life experiences are the “real” thing and therefor “true.” It also believes by projection that other people see, think, and feel the same way; and if they do not, they are mistaken and therefore wrong. This explains why there is so much discourse in our world right now.

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