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No, no. Thank YOU

by Adam Zack — August 1, 2018

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Rejection is a tremendous learning opportunity.

We’ve all been rejected. Some more than others, but our journeys are dotted with failures, almosts, woulda-shoulda-couldas, next-times, nos and kiss-off-mans.

I’ve touched before on how if you’re not failing at least some of the time you’re not trying hard enough. To get new customers you have to go out of your way to show them how you can meet their needs. You listen, learn and give them what they need to better their lives – through food, business growth, creativity, differentiation and more. You partner with your customers. It’s a long-term commitment to mutual success. And sometimes you’re going to think you know what they need. And they’re not going to agree. You can fervently show them how if they did it one way, they’d be better. If they used a different ingredient, they’d love it. But sometimes even though they ask you for your input, they really don’t want it. Maybe they are just humoring you. Maybe they didn’t like the way your breath smelled. Or maybe you had a stinky butt. Whatever the case, rejection is hard when you do your very best to contribute to their success. But as I have learned over and over again, rejection is a tremendous learning opportunity. The people who stand tall in the face of failure and extend a sincere thank you for the opportunity really did not fail at all. They are the real winners.

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