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Can You Relate?

by Adam Zack — September 19, 2018

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Keep your customers tuned in.

We recorded the Emmy Awards last night and started to watch them after Monday Night Football. (Yes, I have a wife that would rather watch football than the Emmys.  So lucky!) Our conversation went something like this:

Me: This is stupid.
Linda: Yep.
Me: This is not even funny.
Linda: Nope.
Me: This is the worst Emmys ever.
Linda: Yep.
Me: I bet this will be the lowest rated one of all time.
Linda: Yep.
Me: 95% of all Americans can’t even remotely relate to this %$#!
Linda: Nope.

After about 10 minutes of watching these people pretend that diversity is so difficult to attain and that their jobs are the most important thing on this planet we started fast forwarding, hoping for something funny or interesting. It did not happen and we switched to Sport Center. So why the hell am I even wasting your time talking about the television awards? Well it’s because I could not even remotely relate to any of those people, and to really have the support of your fans (customers) they have to be able to relate to you on some level. They have to feel that in some way that you are one of them. That you have things in common. They are hungry and you want to feed them, so you have that in common right from the start. The thing is, they have the remote control and if you don’t relate to them on some level then they can switch in a second. They may hit “last channel” and come back to you, but they may not. Being involved in your community, out there on the sales floor during the busy times and cultivating your relationship with your customers will keep them tuned in. And come awards season you’ll be nominated and likely will win. Again.

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One response to “Can You Relate?”

  1. Lila Fulton says:

    Hey Sonny….we missed them as you know and by the way……we’ve decided to boycott the stupid Hollywood crap….so ……

    you’re right I’m sure…
    love ya

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