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Opinions Are Like…

by DW Green — December 16, 2020

Things simply are.

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”—William Shakespeare

Opinions. Everyone’s got one. Think about all the opinions you have: about whether today’s weather is convenient, about what liberals and conservatives believe, about whether so-and-so’s remark is rude or not, about whether you’re successful (or not), and on and on. We’re constantly looking at the world around us and putting our opinion on top of it. And our opinion is often shaped by dogma (religious or cultural), and entitlements, expectations, and in some cases, ignorance.

No wonder we feel upset and angry so often! But what if we let these opinions go? Let’s try weeding them out of our lives so that things simply are. Not good or bad, not colored with opinion or judgment. Just are.

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