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Who’s your obsession

by Adam Zack — August 9, 2023

I think it’s their single obsession over their customers that has led them to be a trillion-dollar company.

“Obsess over your customer, never your competitor.” – Jeff Bezos

No one can dispute that Jeff Bezos and Amazon have changed the world of shopping. What was initially just an online bookstore, dismissed by many as something that wouldn’t even be around for a few years, has become the largest seller of, well, about everything. (And made Jeff Bezos the wealthiest man in the world). It’s changed everything from ordering office supplies to how and what we read. Although I have very fond memories of taking each new Stephen King hardback book to the beach to read, I can’t imagine not having my Kindle. Maybe that’s why my arms used to be so much stronger. So what? Everyone’s amazed what Amazon does – and will do. I think it’s their single obsession over their customers that has led them to be a trillion-dollar company. It’s the old school way for the founders of the modern grocery store business to obsess over our competitors. We pull out the ads from all the competition and curse when they beat us on chicken breast by 50 cents and beam when we feature strawberries that are 60 cents lower than them. But you know who’s not pulling out the ads and comparing them side by side? Pretty much everyone. They may glance at some of your competitor’s ads, but if they are truly your customer they are just looking at your ad. And what is it saying to them? Are you showing them interesting items? Are you reflecting your retail soul? I’ve seen dozens of stores whose ads are dreadful, and then I get into the store and am thoroughly impressed. Wow, looking at your ad I expected a real crap bag and am so surprised. It really comes down to focusing on what you do best and what your customer needs and wants from you. Yeah, they have you beat by 20 cents on Heinz ketchup, but you know what, your customers care because they know you’re obsessed with them and they’ll love you long, long time for that.

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