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by Adam Zack — September 6, 2023

“When a relationship is on, it’s heaven and when it’s bad it’s awful..”

Music is a big part of my life. I love the live experience and witnessing how the creative and collaborative process of a band comes together during a really great concert. It’s like witnessing and participating in great teamwork. Passion, talent and enthusiasm combined with the drive for success. It isn’t just limited to rock ‘n roll. Great symphonies, plays and sports teams all have to be on to succeed. Even family gatherings are better when the family dynamic resembles more of a winning team than a dysfunctional band of individuals. But like most relationships, when it’s on it’s heaven and when it’s bad it’s awful. So, when a great band breaks up because of clashing egos or “creative differences” all you hear about is how the singer was an a-hole or the guitarist couldn’t get his act together. But who is the real casualty of the break-up? It’s the fans. The ones who have bought the albums and concert tickets. The people who have experienced the joy of the live show and been so supportive.

For fans of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Smiths or The Beatles, any show without the original band members will never be the same. Creedence Clearwater Revisited without John Fogarty or John Fogarty without CCR just doesn’t cut it. The disdain emitted from the breakup gets spread to the fans, who are thinking “What did I do???” When your team at work has a breakup – someone leaves for a new job, gets fired or just retires, the fans (or the customers who were affected by the positive teamwork) are the ones affected. It’s the same with a family. One family member cuts off all ties with another one and who suffers? Not the two who are in the blood feud, but the kids who don’t see their cousins, the grandkids who don’t know their grandparents or the mom who won’t ever get to have all of her kids in the same room together again. What you do, and the actions you take, are much bigger than you realize.

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