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The Real Power Of A Brand Lies In Its Ability to Emotionally Connect With its Customers

by DW Green — September 16, 2015

Since professional football teams are kicking off a new season perhaps another sports to business analogy is in order. Or perhaps not, but here’s one just the same. Winning teams exemplify qualities like preparation, teamwork, execution, heart, wholeheartedness, determination, courage, purpose, tenacity, talent, passion and self-confidence. From a brand perspective, the ultimate value of a professional sports team is in the emotional connection it creates with its fans. Enduring franchises, like the Packers, Cowboys and Steelers, consistently provide their fans with a reason to believe in their team. Whether it’s a championship season or a mediocre one, the fans remain faithful to their team. This team loyalty isn’t based on superficial marketing or slick advertising. It’s rooted in the hearts of the fans, in their love, in their passion for the team, and in their community. Our brand foundation work has similar roots. On the surface many retailers tell us they are about quality products, value pricing and exceptional service. Some retailers insist they’re only about offering low prices. Our brand foundation process is an exploration into the deeper meaning and purpose of an organization and how it can connect with all its stakeholders. The process requires hard work, collaboration, open mindedness, and creative thinking. We believe that all independent retailers who are good at what they do, have the mettle to prosper and gr...
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The Energy Of Being Real

by DW Green — September 9, 2015

Our office was open Labor Day. My staff requested to trade Labor Day for Christmas Eve as a paid holiday. We had a productive day of work, as most of our client’s headquarters were closed. The highlight of the day was a Labor Day Pot Luck Lunch organized by Aubrie and Emauni, staff designers. Everyone contributed to the delicious feast. Tasty desserts like Pumpkin Cheesecake with Graham Cracker crust, tart Key Lime pie and delicious Razzleberry pie! Plus homemade guacamole dip, dandy deviled eggs, crisp salad, Buffalo Wings, sandwiches and even Otter Pops! It was a lot of fun, great food, great stories and laughter.I was deeply touched by the energy of our talented team. Each expressing themselves every day in so many ways, in a fast paced business, in their own unique, creative and personal way. They bring so much joy, pleasure and happiness to me. They are an outstanding staff. All are hard working, conscientious, passionate, dedicated and authentic. I respect and honor each of them for who they are as individuals and for what they contribute to DW Green and to our client’s businesses every day. Segue to the more meaningful energy of being real or “Mana”.“Mana” is a term originally used in Polynesian and Melanesian cultures to describe an extraordinary power of force residing in a person or an object, a sort of spiritual electricity that charges anyone who touches it. Carl Jung later defined the term as “the unconsciousness influence ...
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by DW Green — September 3, 2015

“To thine own self be true” writes William Shakespeare in Hamlet. “Let your conscious be your guide” the Blue Fairy tells Pinocchio and then asks Jiminy Cricket to serve as Pinocchio’s conscious. Integrity is an important and powerful quality. To be referred to as a person of integrity is the ultimate compliment. I have come to realize that my life experience is about the journey toward wholeness, and to seek wholeness, is to live from a place of integrity. To me, conscious is the psychic energy of awareness. Conscious is the alarm that goes off when integrity is at risk, when wholeness is splintered. “The meeting of our inner and outer lives is called integrity, and the health of our integrity often determines our inner strength and resilience in meeting the outer world. This is the purpose of integrity, to balance the outer forces of existence with the inner forces of spirit,” Mark Nepo, The Exquisite Risk. One of the most useful definitions of integrity comes from Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man: Integrity is the ability to listen to a place inside oneself that doesn’t change, even though the life that carries it may change. So living from integrity is when our actions, our outer life are in sync with our inner life; our heart, our soul, the essence of our being. Businesses too must live from integrity. When the actions of a business are incongruent with their beliefs and values and essence, crises will inevitably arise. The cons...
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Personal Packaging

by DW Green — August 26, 2015

Yes, packaging and product presentation are very important. People buy with their eyes. And eat with their eyes. Strong visual cues are crucial to sales. Personal packaging is imperative too. Handsome, authentic uniforms and appropriate grooming standards say a lot about the professionalism, expertise and approachability of store employees.The internal “packaging” of associates is essential too. A smile versus a frown, a pleasant friendly tone versus a grumpy agitated one and a happy demeanor versus a dispirited disposition can make all the difference in delivering exceptional customer experience. Wise leaders treat their staff with courtesy, respect and dignity. They honor them for who they are and encourage them to be themselves. When individuals are acknowledged and feel that they are “heard” their job performance excels.We are all unique with our own special gifts and skills. Life is short; we can all make a difference in the world!...
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Letting Go

by DW Green — August 20, 2015

Many of us feel we are our job, possessions, achievements, and relationships. This is how we know ourselves. If we lose one of them, we feel we have lost part of ourselves. Somehow we have not identified with the basis of all life, which is constantly moving, changing, growing. In order to expand our sense of selves it is necessary to stop fighting and resisting life, to become willing to let go.But, whether or not we want to let go, life itself decides for us. Change comes in its own time, both giving and taking things away. When this happens, many suffer greatly from this sense of loss. A usual response is to hold on tighter. By fighting change this way we are insisting that life meet our particular demands, fulfill our needs and expectations. A battle is set up. Much energy is squandered.So it’s important to learn to Let Go, not only in our personal life, but in our business life as well. And this is especially true for leaders of organizations. A long time client of ours from the Pacific Northwest sent me an article on Letting Go. It’s an excellent article and speaks very highly of the person who sent it to me as well as his leadership qualities.
May 18, 2015 / by Scott Mabry




“An attachment isn’t a fact. It is a belief…”

 ~ Anthony De Mello<...
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Mistakes Are Learning Experiences

by DW Green — August 12, 2015

Ben Franklin once said “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” I would add mistakes to that list of certainties! All three are inevitable! Though it seems that we view our personal mistakes much differently than mistakes made by others. Especially those mistakes made by our subordinates. Why is that? Since we all make mistakes shouldn’t we extend the same forgiveness and understanding to our employees that we accord ourselves for our errors?Unintentional mistakes just happen. Accept that reality. Identify the cause and work to improve the process. The notion that the same mistake will never happen again is erroneous. Like stubbing ones toe, one cannot guarantee the same mistake will never happen in the future. Consider, for example, the dozens of oil spills in the U.S. over the past 25 years.What’s more troubling to me is when employees become fearful of making mistakes, for fear of reprisal or retribution. When people are afraid of making mistakes, they shut down; they won’t take risks or try new ideas. We learn from failure not from success. It’s best to treat mistakes as a learning experience. Discuss, learn and move forward.“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” —Gandhi...
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by DW Green — August 6, 2015

Leadership can be thought of as a capacity to define oneself to others in a way that clarifies and expands a vision of the future. Skilled leaders accomplish great things and inspire others to grow in responsibility 
and skills. I believe that growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. Leaders give their best in whatever job they’re doing. Any of us
 can take on leadership roles and qualities just by doing our jobs in a dependable
 way and encouraging others to share in and help us in attaining a worthwhile vision.The following leadership quotes emphasize the importance of perseverance, service, and reliability.JOHN QUINCY ADAMS: If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.KENNETH BLANCHARD: The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.RALPH NADER: I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.JOHN WELCH: Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, 
passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.JAMES BUCHANAN: The test of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there.I hope these leadership quotes have given you some important insights....
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Thank You

by DW Green — July 31, 2015

Sage commentary by Mr. Zack…Mr. Adam Zack. Affectionately known as Mr. Z, Beardless One or sometimes just Bob. Treating everyone with honor and respect is powerful and responsible behavior. Whether it’s a customer, a vendor, a team member, a subordinate or a superior, everyone is deserving and worthy of being treated with respect and simple kindness. Our society in general could use an infusion of respect and kindness towards each other. Even when we disagree or need to discipline, it can be done in a respectful and honorable way. Acknowledgment is another meaningful practice. “Thank you Judy for a job well done.” “Thank you Becky for that always present smile.” “Thank you Andrew for your positive and enthusiastic interaction with that customer.” “Thank you Adam for that outstanding Blog!” There are always a jillion things you can acknowledge someone for. And the cool thing is, the acknowledger always feels better about himself/herself for doing it. We’re all in the same ship traversing the sea of life. Being mindful of the golden rule in our everyday behavior and actions—make it a way of Being. Do unto others, as you would have others do unto to you....
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For A Guy Who Smells He Sure Is Popular

by DW Green — July 23, 2015

Humor should be a prerequisite to life’s lessons. It helps keep us sane; keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously. It calms our apprehensions and puts life’s imperfections into perspective. Humor is the diversion we need to get us through the trials and tribulations of our lives. Humor is the ability to laugh at ourselves and only to laugh with others. Humor is the defining characteristic between the pessimist and the optimist. Humor may be defined as sudden whim, but being whimsical is not all bad! Here’s one of my favorite ad themes. Sure garlic isn’t a high tonnage item, but there are many items that be tied into a garlic promotion.For A Guy Who Smells He Sure Is PopularAnd the winner, by a nose, For Most Popular Seasoning is…(drumroll please) …Garlic!” The thunderous applause from people everywhere drowns out the boos and hisses from jealous spices like oregano, cumin and tarragon. After all, garlic is hardly Mr. Congeniality, loudly announcing himself throughout the house at mealtimes, or smack in the middle of a kiss. He’s not terribly photogenic, with his short, stocky body and unkempt goatee. And he thinks he can kick any recipe in town. Is it possible that this bulbous bully has a Napoleon complex?Maybe. But despite garlic’s egocentric qualities, we have all grown to love him. After all, garlic has been adored for centuries, not only for its robust flavor, but also its magical and medicinal qualities....
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Thoughtfulness is Key to Profitability

by DW Green — July 1, 2015

Thoughtfulness. A simple enough concept; yet not always easy to practice. Once mastered, however, it is one of the greatest gifts you can give; and not just to friends and loved ones on special occasions and holidays…but to everyone, always. And, as you establish yourself as thoughtful to others, they’ll go out of their way to please you back. Thoughtfulness is a habit; internalized, it becomes a way of life, a part of our being. It’s always cool when a renowned business expert validates a belief. Here’s a short article on thoughtfulness by Tom Peter’s.
 Service: on Thoughtfulness
—Tom Peters
I think it was the recession—the great recession, or whatever you want to call it—that really got me thinking about this. You know, when times are very tough and tough decisions have to be made, as they certainly have to be made, fundamental human decency toward one another is arguably more important than at any other time.And somehow or another, the word thoughtfulness came into my mind. And I like the word thoughtfulness. And then the next step in this process—and I’d ask you to think about this—many of you, most of you, probably have some kind of value statement. Put the employee first, put the customer first, put the shareholder first, whatever it is. And so, I am really literally asking you—it’s probably only got, like, five lines, right?—I want one of those five lines, or six lines, to say—precis...
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