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The No-Name Trap

by DW Green — December 28, 2009

no-name-trapIn the marketing classic Positioning, authors Al Ries and Jack Trout, probably the world’s best-known marketing strategists wrote that it is unwise to use initials for a company name. They have coined the practice the “no-name trap”. While there are successful exceptions to the initial rule, Ries and Trout warn against using the letter “w”. As “dou-ble-U” is the only letter in alphabet with more than one syllable. Unfortunately I didn’t read the book until after I had named my company…unknowingly falling into the “no-name trap!”
I named my company DW Green after myself. It is easy for me to remember and I wanted to honor my parents. Neither is named DW, though DW is my father’s initials. Ries and Trout might still approve because DW Green is only 5 syllables long! And green is a popular word now.When I incorporated DW Green, way back in 1988, my choices from Alaska’s Corporation Commission were CorporationInc., or Company. I selected company because of its many positive connotati...
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The Value of Values

by DW Green — December 15, 2009

values-blog“If it’s not paradoxical, it’s not true”
-Shunryu Suzuki

In today’s economy the need to effectively communicate a company’s value proposition to consumers is critical to maintain and grow revenue. However, the values I’m talking about here go much deeper than a pricing strategy. I’m referring to the social principles or standards held by individuals or groups. How is this relevant to the grocery business? You’ll need to know to compete successfully.The importance of shared values in building lasting businesses cannot be overstated. Businesses, like children, need a solid foundation of values to build on as they grow. Great companies foster a culture founded on shared values, which, in turn, more effectively serves customers and the broader communities in which they live. Everyone benefits from the existence of a great company—customers, employees, suppliers, investors, cities and nations.In their most basic form, values are a set of guiding principles that unite people as they work toward achieving a common goal. In their strongest form—when individual employee and organizational values are in sync—they generate tremendous energy. Rather than just complying, employees become more committed, enthusiastic and ...
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